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    Yellow Grid lines



      Yellow Grid lines


      Do anyone knows what are the yellow gird lines in Filemaker Pro 12 are for?

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          Google "filemaker 12 yellow grid lines"



          Layout Mode Enhancements in FileMaker Pro

          What are some of the new Layout mode enhancements in FileMaker Pro?

          Updated: Apr 04, 2012

          To avoid using patterns (which have been deprecated in FileMaker Pro 12) and to choose a color coding system that makes them easily distinguished from each other.  This includes the following elements:

          Major Grid Lines = #AAAAAA
          Minor Grid Lines = #BBBBBB
          Page Break Indicator = #666666
          Part Boundaries = #C6C6C6
          Dynamic Guides = #1E38F6
          Local Guides = #1E38F6
          Global Guides = #FF3DF7
          Print Column Lines = #666666
          Bottom Edge Of Layout = #666666
          Page Margins (when enabled) = #C6C6C6
          Locked Guides = #676767

          FileMaker Pro 12 DOES NOT provide a method to configure the different colors available in the user interface.


          New Grid:

          The "New Grid" is a replacement for the FileMaker Pro 11 Grid Lines feature.  The "New Grid" provides both visual changes and some functionality changes.

          • Solid lines have replaced the current (FileMaker Pro 11) dotted grid lines.
          • Major and minor lines are slightly different shades of gray.  Color is NOT customizable.
          • Major and minor lines are adjustable in the Inspector (Position > Grid).
          • Support for Points.  Points have replaced Pixels as a valid unit of measure.

          FileMaker Pro 11 had a confusing origin for the grid and ruler.  (0,0) is positioned at the top-left corner of the paper instead of the top-left corner of the top-most part in the layout itself.  This caused a discrepancy between the coordinates that showed up in the Inspector and in the grid / ruler.

          This change should only impact the grid - as the true object logic location and bounds as shown in the Inspector or returned by "GetLayoutObjectAttributes()" have not been altered.  

          However, when Page Margins are enabled, the grid/ruler origin point remains at the top-left of the topmost part, but the rulers have shifted that point by the appropriate the physical margin settings as in FileMaker Pro 11.  The main implication of this change is that customers modeling layouts based on FileMaker Pro 11 paper forms will need to measure distances from the top-left corner of the printable area rather than the corner of the paper.