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Yes or No Field with Script

Question asked by ZoocMan85 on Feb 14, 2011
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Yes or No Field with Script


Hey Everyone,


 I have two fields... one that's a yes or no field with the bullets and then bellow a second field with a value list if the user selects yes from the above field. Right now i have a script set for when a user picks yes on field one... it automatically takes you to field 2... For example..  Field 1.. Are you sick ? yes or no  If yes go to field 2 and tell me what kind of sickness... if no move to next field... However what I'm trying to accomplish here is to have that field grayed out until the user hits yes in field one. If the user his no.. then no data can be entered into it. The field would be locked. Want to try to remove the ability for user error. Thanks

Ray Z