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Yes, you can export with any character as the separator

Question asked by Vincent_L on Feb 8, 2010
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Yes, you can export with any character as the separator




I'm about to do something really bad : providing a workaround for a glaring omission of FMP. That's bad, because it will help FM Inc to rest on its laurels once more, but in the other hand it might help some people. I'm talking about customizing the field separator in text exports. This is an very ugly workaround and FM Inc HAS TO provide us a clean way to do this.


So, I needed to do an export for 3 fields but instead of tab tab return, I needed pipe pipe return

I was about do waste some time with xslt sheets or file applescript post processing when I realized that I just needed do export a concat field !


so I created a calculation fied that is  :





and then I just export that only field ! 



Best of all it actually saved me a calc field, I was about to create a booleanenglish to trnaslate 0 and 1 to their english meaning just for the purpose of that export and it would have been:


If(new value=1;"YES";"NO")


instead I just needed to append it in my concat field 


FIELD_A&"|"&FIELD_B&"|"&FIELD_C&"|"&If(new value=1;"YES";"NO")


Again, I stress that it's no substitute for a customizable  export