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Yes/No in a number field in Filemaker Pro 11?

Question asked by SibenMadze on Mar 3, 2011
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Yes/No in a number field in Filemaker Pro 11?


For some reason when I use a boolean statement such as "YES" or "NO" in a number type field FMP isn't calculating that field as a 0 or 1...

I've tried to use a few different calculations including Set Field, Insert a Calculation and even just summing the the field with another summary type field. 

If I just change it to a straight up number it works fine and it works to then format it to boolean but I don't want the number to be seen at all...

I've gotten around it with a script and another field for the number value but this doesn't seem very elegant..

I am new to FMP but I thought that this would work..

I am using Filemaker Pro 11 for Mac.