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Yet Another FileMaker And Quickbooks post...

Question asked by GuilhermePrudente on May 8, 2013


Yet Another FileMaker And Quickbooks post...



     sorry to bring this topic up again, but I could not find in a satisfactory way the answer to my latest question: 

     Is there any way to develop with FMPro 12 on a Mac, and connect/export data to a Quickbooks on Windows? Any problems with that?

     I see everyone tries to do FM(Mac) to QB(Mac), but I am wondering what would be the best for me, if it is to develop on Windows aswell, since I think changing QB to Mac would be a disadvantage.

     If I go FB(Win) - QB(Win), I could use the ProductiveComputing FMBooks Connector, as far as I know, correct?

     If the more expert devs could shed a light, I would be very glad!

     Thank you for your time.