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your password does not allow this

Question asked by chadpreslar on Jul 2, 2010
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your password does not allow this



So I recently had a server crash and was not able to locat my FMS 5.5 disk for reinstallation, afterwards I converted my fp5 files to fp7 format so that I could download the trial of FMS 11 and FM 11, now my database is up an running again on the two trial editions. When I load the main menu.fp7 I am able to see my menu by providing the menu password, however,  afterwards I attempt to click on any part of the menu and I receive the error message "your password does not allow this".

I've tried all combinations of the passwords I was provided with no luck what so ever. Is ther ea way to break the password protection or any other way for me to see the information help within this menu?

see the attached screen shot for the error, Any help would be greatly appreciated.

file maker error