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Calcs Slowing Me Down

Question asked by letra on Feb 14, 2011
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Calcs Slowing Me Down


I have the following fields attached to each product: In Stock, Needed for Pending Orders, Backordered and Total Sold. They calculate based upon each invoice's status. Upon creating a new invoice, the default status is set to Pending, but the status changes dependent upon whether the order is shipped, backorderd etc.

In order to account for the changing status of an invoice, I have the product fields mentioned above set to be unstored. The problem comes in when I go to enter an order into an invoice...because the calc fields are unstored, it takes FOREVER to enter each line item b/c the database is re-calculating every line item for every product ever used.

How can I fix this? Is there a way to create a button in the product detail so that only when I click that button do the calculations re-summarize? Or is there a better solution?