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Calculate average time left between a set of dates.

Question asked by jamie.hunt on Jun 29, 2009
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Calculate average time left between a set of dates.


I hope someone can help me out. I'm not sure how easy this is or not.



I am looking for a calculation to find the average number of days between a set of dates. For example if I have a set of dates such as:








Time between the dates is


5 days

5 days

3 days

3 days


So the average time between dates is 4 days.





To put this into context this is so I can calculate the average time a Client leaves between their Appointments.



I have a table with Client profiles set up which hold client contact information (such as Name, Phone, Address...)


I have a table for client Appointments set up with appointment information (such as Date, Time, Name of client, The service they had...)


They are linked by a field "clientID" and in a layout for Client Profiles there is a portal showing all previous Appointments for which ever Client.