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    Calculate days worked based on Timestamps



      Calculate days worked based on Timestamps


           I have a database for employees to record interviews as they perform them.  There is one record per interview, with a timestamp for when the record was created, an interviewer name, and the office location where the interview was performed.

           I want to be able to create a report showing the interviewer name, the office location, and how many days interviews were performed there.

           I created a report but can only get this kind of result..

           Interviewer one

                       Office one

                                3/4/2013 5:04:51 PM

                                3/5/2013 2:04:21 PM

           I'd like to see


           Interviewer one

                       Office one

                                2 days

           Anyone have any suggestions?

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               The basic calclulation would be:

               GetAsDate ( Timestamp2 ) - GetAsDate ( TimeStamp1 ) + 1

               But I am guessing that the timestamps are in different records here.

               If so, you'll need to explain the design of your table and report layout a bit more before I can be sure that what I suggest works in your specific situation.

               Summary fields that return the minimum and maximum timestamps can probably be used here, but you may need to use GetSummary if your report is a summary report grouped with sub summary layout parts and you need this interval calculated for each sub group of records.