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Calculate elapsed time

Question asked by choofer on May 26, 2010
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Calculate elapsed time



Very new to forums, and moderately new to databases.

I have a problem trying to calculate days that patients have a specific device inserted into them as an outpatient. This is neceassry for producing like for like reports to compare with other hospitals.


I have the fields "date commenced on program", "date off program", and a calculated field "program time"

Program time gives me the number of days a patient has been on the specific outpatient program.


Nor,al reporting times run from 1 january to 30 June, and then again from 1 July to 31 December.


My problem.

If a patient starts the outpatient program before 1 July and finishes before 31 December, they are not captured in my search criteria, FIND date commenced on program "01/07/2009...31/12/2009"


This now gives me inaccurate data as there are a small number of patients that commence before 01/07/2009 but a portion of their program time falls into the reportable period.


Be gentle with me 'cos i am only self taught and a slow learner!!