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    Calculate fields in database or report



      Calculate fields in database or report


      First of all my native language is not english so sorry for that.

      Second my problem is this i have a table with a few columns like accountnumber and amount_debet and amount_credit 

      I would like to calulate all the acountnumbers with the same number the amount_debet and the amount_credit.

      I allso have to do some other calculations with these amounts. My question is do i have to do those calculations in the database and do i have to create some extra fields in my tables or can i do these calculations on the report i generate?


      thnx allready 

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          Hi Patrick


          I suppose that:


          1) you have 2 tables, Accounts and Amounts

          2) Amounts::accountNumber is a field related to the primary key field Accounts::accountNumber.


          If so, from table Accounts, you can retrive the total amount_credit for each account with a calc like this:

          Sum ( Amounts::amount_credit )