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Calculate Graduation Date

Question asked by pricetexas on Dec 20, 2009
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Calculate Graduation Date



I’m a relatively new FM10 user posting my first message. I need to calculate a student’s expected high school Graduation_Year given his Current_Grade.  I’m assuming the school year is August of  through June (of the following year) and graduation occurs after completing the 12th grade with no repeating grades.  So, if a student is in the 10th grade on September 1st of the 2009, he will graduate in June of 2012.  I’ve spent several weeks reading manuals, looking at scripts and querying the FM Forum and have built a basic database with multiple fields, tables, calculations and relationships.  But I haven’t figured out how to calculate the Graduation_Year since the Current_Grade can be input at different times of the school year, which spans the  calendar year.  I'm sure there may be something already existing to do this.  I was able to find a script to calculate age given a birthdate, and sample calculations for other things, but not able to translate that logic to calculating graduation date.  Any help is greatly appreciated!