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Calculate inches to feet

Question asked by notJames on Jun 5, 2014
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Calculate inches to feet


     I would like to create a Height field where if you enter a number, it will automatically format it to feet and inches, including the  feet (') and inch (") marks. Most parents give their kids' height in inches, so i want to be able to reformat it automatically.

     Disclaimer: I can do the math on the fly, but I won't always be the one entering data. Just wanted that out there so I don't appear deficient in simple math  ;)

     I know it more or less involves dividing the number by 12, but it's the formatting that is proving to be a headache.

     Alternatively, if I have both a feet field and inches field, can I make it so that if you enter a number into just the inches field, it does the calc and repopulates both fields (without feet- and inch-mark formatting)?