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Calculate median of dynamic field

Question asked by digs on Mar 5, 2010
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Calculate median of dynamic field


I'm trying to calculate medians of about a dozen fields, and while I've been able to create a script to calculate the median for each, I'd like just one script to which I can pass the field for which I want to calculate the median as a parameter. However, calculating the median involves sorting records, and you can't (FM Pro 10) specify the field you want to sort at run time; I need a "Sort Field by Name" function. Below are a few more details, and my current median script; if anyone has any ideas of how to achieve this I'd be most grateful. Otherwise, can we please, please have a median function in FM?! Buying FM Pro 10 used up all my budget, so I can't afford to upgrade to advanced.







Table 1 (summary table containing medians): repcallsrecorded

      Fields: CallID, Median f5, Median f95, Median t5, Median t95, etc


Table 2 (table containing list of measures for each CallID): repmeasures

     Fields: CallID, f5, f95, t5, t95, etc


This is my current script to calculate median for a particular field (Freq 5%;f5). It works OK, but rather than have a separate script for each field, I'd like to have a general median script, and pass the field at runtime as a parameter. However, I can't get the Sort Records or GetNthRecord functions to use the parameter - they seem to require a specific field name:


Set Variable[$CallID,Value:repcallsrecorded::CallID]

Go to Layout["repmeasure"(repmeasure)]

Enter Find Mode[]

Set Field[repmeasure::CallID; $CallID]

Perform Find[]

Go to Field[Select/perform; repmeasure::Freq 5%]

Sort Records[No dialog]

If [Mod( Get(FoundCount);2)]

    Set Variable[$median; Value:Let(field=repmeasure::Freq 5%;GetNthRecord(field; Int(Get(FoundCount)/2)+1))]


    Set Variable[$median; Value:Let(field=repmeasure::Freq 5%;(GetNthRecord(field; Get(FoundCount)/2) + GetNthRecord(field; Get(FoundCount)/2+1))/2)]

End If

Go to Layout["repcallsrecorded" (repcallsrecorded)]

Set Field[repcallsrecorded::Median f5; $median]