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Calculate multiple dates for a single record

Question asked by perk on Oct 28, 2014
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Calculate multiple dates for a single record


I am a real estate agent looking to track the activity of my listings, including number of days I held an open house at a given property. Is there a way to create one record for a specific property (i.e. 123 Maple Street) and include a field that allows me to input a date every time I host the property without create a new record for the property? My goal is to have a single record, with a field that calculate the total number of dates I hosted the open house. The fields I am looking to populate are shown below. To clarify, date field is the one that has me perplexed, as I do not know how to add multiple dates without creating an entire new record and date field, as I want it to calculate the number of days hosted. I also want to do the same for number of visitors each day.

Date - Address - City - Price - # Days Hosted - # visitors