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Calculate quantity total for items with kit of parts

Question asked by ssp.columbus on May 3, 2012
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Calculate quantity total for items with kit of parts



I am having trouble creating the right calculations to get the totals I am looking for.  My database is set up to specify furniture for commercial interiors projects. The simplified structure is below:

rooms --- roomDetails --- catalog (furniture items) --- typicalDetails (furniture items in a typical) --- catalog2 (catalog TO)

For ease of data entry on large projects we create typicals (kit of parts) of furniture items then enter the typical into a room on the roomDetail layout.  We may have other furniture items in that room also.  

Example.  A typical office may have a desk, task chair, 2 guest chairs and a file.  100 offices may be the same but one needs an extra table.  In that case the room would contain the typical and the extra table.

I need to caculate the total number of items (task chairs) for all rooms  or the total # of task chairs in the project - (# of typicals * quanity of chairs in the typical) + quantity of chairs in rooms that are not part of a typical.  The second part of this equation is simple using a summary field but I can't get the first part to calculate correctly and/or add to the second part.  It might just be the context I'm not getting right.

1. In which table should these calcuations occur?  RoomDetail or Catalog?

2. Should I create 3 fields...1) total assets in rooms 2) total typicals in rooms * qty per typical 3) sum of 1 & 2

3. Should I use Summary fields and the Get(Summary) function?  

4. What should my calculations be?