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Calculate time duration for job.

Question asked by applelakshan1 on May 8, 2012
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Calculate time duration for job.


Hello Guys, 

I am working on solution that need to calculate  time duration  for jobs.

For instance: this  solution for tech support company. so customers will request new service request, that has 4 service status. those are

status 01 is Not assign : this is  default value, each new record will have this value when new record create. (record time stamp )

Status 02. Inicial : admin review the service ticket then admin assign this job in totech support member in this status(record time stamp )

status 03 working: tech member will review the job and he start to change to working status ,(record time stamp )

status 04 finished: when the tech member finished the job record time stamp.

result: Now i created another calculation that will do this status04 - status02. .So tech company can see how much tim they spend to fix the issue.

My problem:

This company works on 5 week days 8am-5pm.  saturday and sunday and public holidays does not working. so what i want to do to filter only working hours on working days.
The reset hours should not be calculated. I already created new table for public holiays and plan to linked that holiday date with service record table.

How can i acomplish this time record which only calculate working days and working hours ?
Thanks and help appricieated.