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    Calculate total amount on the bottom in a Table?



      Calculate total amount on the bottom in a Table?


      We are using this program to track the Change Orders we write to our owners whenever they want to add additional work onto their contract. All the change orders are written up and then linked into a Table which is a Log that has all the cost totals from each change order. We want to be able to have a Grand Total on the bottom of this Log to see how much all the Change Orders come out to. 

      This program was not written by me but I am trying to figure out how to do this. If someone can please help me, I would really appreciate this.

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          1. Open manage | Database | Fields
          2. In this same table, define a new field. Make it of type summary and set it to compute the "total of" the field you want totalled.
          3. Click OK to dismiss Manage | Database
          4. Enter layout mode and select Layout Setup... from the layouts menu.
          5. Click the views tab and click the Properties button to the right of Table View.
          6. Make sure the "include Footer Part" option is selected.
          7. Return to your layout and add your summary field to the footer layout part.
          8. Enter browse mode and you should see a grand total at the bottom of your screen.