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Calculate Total Number of specific assets in Asset management Starter Solution Template

Question asked by JamesClark on Oct 22, 2010
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Calculate Total Number of specific assets in Asset management Starter Solution Template


I'm using the Asset Management Starter Solution customising to make a database of equipment owned and operated by a production company I've added a few fields to the design including 'Kit', 'Quantity' and 'Total quantity of selected asset'.

Kit refers to the different bags used to carry all the accompanying pieces of equipment required for the operation of assets like cameras. As a result my database has a record each for the different models of Memory Cards used by the cameras and a separate record for each memory card of each model found in each specific kit. This is probably quite an inefficient way of going about things and I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it, I'm using the trial version and this database as an initial means of teaching myself how to build a functioning database for other purposes. 

This aside though, I'm trying to fill the 'Total of selected asset' field with the sum total of certain specifically selected assets, in this case memory cards, so, while separate records exist for all memory card types and all cards in different bags I'd like to be able to provide the information "How many memory cards do we have right now?". I've gotten as far as defining the the 'Total...' field as summary of the quantity field but of course this simply adds up the total number of all items in the database not the just the memory cards. I'd like to know how to make it for only the memory cards and how generally to make it possible for a user to find out this information for any given set of records with certain fields in common, eg. Kit, Category, Model etcetera.