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calculate value base on records older than today date

Question asked by MOnikaVermeulen on Oct 29, 2013
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calculate value base on records older than today date


     hi there.

     I'm having difficulty with the following function: 

If (Invoices::Date ≤ Get ( CurrentDate ); (Debit amount Total -  Customers::TotalInvoiced); "")

     In theory what I'm trying to do is deduct the amount that has been invoiced from the amount that has been paid from two relating records, based on their date range (today and older). I want to create future dated payments that are scheduled to reflect only from the first of every month, but I do not want those scheduled payments to be included in the calculation.

     I do not want to have to ad new records for all my clients every month as this is extreamly time consuming.

     For some reason my calculation is not excluding records older than today and keeps on returning the result for all records and not just those within that date range.

     I have recently moved from Microsoft Access and i cannot seem to be able to recreate this simple function within Filemaker Pro

     Some urgent assistance would be appreciated