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    Calculate working hours per employee per week/month/year



      Calculate working hours per employee per week/month/year


      I'm trying to calculate working hours per employee per week, month or year.

      The set-up:

      - table Employee; holds all the information about the employee. Each employee has a unique letter-combination, based on their name

      - table Daily Report: each working day a new report is opened and all the employees that work on that day are signed in (TimeIn) and signed out (TimeOut). Then there is a calculation of total hours worked (TotalHours = TimeOut - TimeIn)


      There are 2 thing I want to do:

      1. Calculate the total hours worked on a particular day by all employees.

      - I have tried this: TotalHoursTotal: resume of TotalHours, but that results in the total of all hours worked that are entered in the Daily Report, not per day.


      2. Calculate how many hours each employee has worked in a given time period.

      - It need to collect all the TotalHours of 1 employee and add them up. 

      - I'have tried this: TotalHoursPerEmployee: calculation, = GetSummary ( TotalHours ; employeeID ). That seems to be working in the Daily Report-table, but when I am trying to make a lay-out with summary-information about an employee and I am trying to retrieve this information, it shows no result.


      Can anyone please help me out?

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          These seem to be simple reports that can be done in FileMaker.  Do employees work overnight shifts?  If so, all the hours usually count for the day the shift begins.

          The only thing that needs a little more explanation is the relationship between Employee table and Daily report.  

          "Each day a new report is opened.."  

           Does this mean related records are created between Employee and Daily Report? 

          As a mental exercise to orient you, if you put a Daily Report portal on the employee table, entered find mode, and put a date into the date field, you would find all the employees who worked on that date. 

          If you could post a sample file, more help could be provided.