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    copying a layout from one database to another



      copying a layout from one database to another


      I am using filemaker 7.0 and just made a very time consuming change to a database which I need to do for another databasre. Can I copy a layout from one datbase to another to avouid doubling all that work?

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          Sort, kind of...


          1. Create a blank layout and give it the exact same table name as layout's table in the source file. You can always use Manage Database to change a table's name, set up your new layout, and then change it back when you are done.
          2. create the same layout layout parts (Header, body, subsummary....) as the original, but don't get hung up trying to give each part exactly the right size at the start
          3. Open your original layout in layout mode, Press control-a (windows) to select all elements, then control-c to copy them to the clip board.
          4. Open your "new blank layout" in layout mode and press Control-v to paste everything to your new layout.
          5. Adjust the size of each layout part as needed to match your original layout. You can use the zoom button to zoom in up to 300% on both original and new layouts if you need that level of precision in order to position the part boundaries accurately.
          6. Double Click each script triggering button in layout mode to make sure each is corrected to the correct script.


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            Thank you for your post.


            The information provided by PhilModJunk is correct (Thank you!).  However, if you have field names that are not present in the new table, those objects will not paste.


            In layout mode, pull down the View menu and select "Object Info".  Clicking on the Header, Body, and Footer, you will know precisely where these should appear in your new layout. 


            Another tip: In your original table, create a rectangle and put it in the upper-left hand corner of the layout so the edges line up with the left edge and top edge of the layout.  Then, when you select all, copy, and paste into the new layout, you can move everything at once and line up the rectangle in the upper-left hand corner.  No need to move everything a little at a time.  When finished, remove the rectangle.



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