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    Copying a report format



      Copying a report format


      Is is possible to create a report and then copy it and save it under a different name and then modify the new saved report?  IF so, can you explain how?

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          Can you describe this in more detail?

          You can save a report as a PDF, that allows you to save a report under a name  but you can't modify it.

          If you want to replicate a FileMaker layout and then make changes, this can be done.

          Enter Layout Mode and select Duplicate Layout from the layout menu.

          Or you can copy all the layout objects to the clipboard and paste them to a different layout. If both layouts refer to the same Table Occurrence, this will work. You'll need to do a lot of fixing if you paste into a different file or a layout the references a different table occurrence in "show records from" in Layout setup...