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    Copying Conditional Formatting?



      Copying Conditional Formatting?



      Would like to know if it is possible to copy the conditional formatting of one field and apply it to another field or do I have to do each field separately?
      The situation is I have a layout that has 4 columns of portals each having 12 rows.
      The same type of info is displayed in each column/row.
      One field has conditional formatting applied to it which changes the color depending on the content of the field.
      I would like not to have to manually apply the CF to each column field as there are 7 tabs that need to be modified and there are 16 CF conditions that need to be applied.




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          If the exact conditional format and expression is to be used on multiple layout objects, you can select them all by shift clicking or dragging a selection box around them. Then you can right click a selected object, choose conditional formatting and apply the same format and expression to each in one step.

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            Thanks Phil worked like a charm.

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                   I was also able to get Phil's advice to work... but unfortunately, I already had a few data fields with about 13 conditional formatting options... (basically, coloring the field depending on the month, plus another option).  I just wanted to copy these formatting options to a new data field (for a new year).  I ended up finding a way that worked for me.

                   I copied the existing field and pasted it.  It came up as a copy of the original field, but I used the "Data" tab on the Inspector window to change the "Display data from" to the new field I was trying to create the conditional formatting for.

                   Probably not explaining this well... but hopefully you can get it to work for you too if you run into the same problem.

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                     When there are multiple fields selected with different conditional formatting, the formatting of the newest field 'wins'.

                     So if there is already a field with the conditional formatting you want, cut and paste the field, which makes sure it is the newest field.

                     Then select that field together with all the fields you want to add the same formatting to. Right-click, select 'conditional formatting', and the conditions of the newest field should be listed. Click OK and all the selected fields should now have the same conditional formatting.

                     I've only tested this with FMPA 13, so this may not apply for all versions.

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                  Thank you Anne.  You have just saved me great amounts of work.  I would never have thought of that trick.