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Copying data from an external file

Question asked by eibcga on May 14, 2013
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Copying data from an external file


     Is FileMaker Pro capable of accessing a text file, copying the content of the text file, and pasting the content as a value in a field in a database?  If so, how?

     For example, a separate app generates an account number and exports it into a text file on a computer's desktop (this file content will change in the future, but the filename and file location will always be the same).  Filemaker then accessess the text file, opens the file, copies the account number from the file, and pastes the account number into a designated field as its value.

     For security reasons, the user does not enter the account number in Filemaker direclty into the field.  Rather, it's copied from an external source as described above.

     Thank you in advance.