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Copying Data from One Portal to Another

Question asked by mperley on Mar 3, 2013
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Copying Data from One Portal to Another



     We're developing a new quoting system for our company. We have items from suppliers that we will use repeatedly in different quotes. Each item is different and their suppliers may offer one price regardless of quantity or one or more price breaks depending on quantity. Because of this, we have an "Item Price Breaks" table that allows us to add one or more price breaks for each item we sell that can be unique to each item. The main pieces of data captured in those price break records is quantity (e.g., 1-100, 101-200, etc), per (e.g., each, case, etc), and then the price.
     We then have a separate quotes table in which we can add additional information based on the type of job. We first select a vendor and then an item from a value list of only those items supplied by that vendor. We'd like to pull the related price breaks into the quote and add some additional fields (e.g., decoration cost, total product cost, as well as a gross profit calculation) to the price break data. For example, if we had an item "mug" and there were three price breaks (1-50, 51-100, and 101+) we'd like for that information to populate lines in a portal (3 to match this item) in the quotes table but have additional fields available for data entry.
     Is this type of thing possible? How could we make something like that work?