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Copying field content to new layout

Question asked by PeterDowns on Apr 5, 2011
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Copying field content to new layout


Have a layout 'networkAdmin_Library_Add' attached table - 'tblNetworkInitiatives' with a field called niID. I want to copy the contents of the field to a new layout 'networkAdmin_Library_AddBudget' attached table - 'tblNetworkInitiativesBudget' with the same field niID (and paste it)

Made up a script called AddNIBudget

Copy [Select; tblNetworkInitiatives::niID]

Go to Layout ["networkAdmin_Library_AddBudget" (tblNetworkINiativesBudget)]


Paste [Select; tblNetworkInitiativeBudget::niID]

Button is located on 'layout networkAdmin_Library_Add'. Click on it goes to other form enters new number in id record field (generates new record) but in the niID field it puts the following error message -  

Show Custom Dialog [ Message ; Default = "OK" Button 2 = "Cancel" ] 

If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 2 ]

Halt Script

End If

Go to Layout [ Ok Layout ]

When the field does not have focus it puts a ? 

I have enabled a relationship between niID in both tables and still get the same error.

Thanks in advance. Any ideas would be great.