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Copying Fields -Importing Combined with "Set Variable" or "Set Field" Scripttriggers Should Work,...

Question asked by Mingrl88 on Jul 24, 2012
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Copying Fields -Importing Combined with "Set Variable" or "Set Field" Scripttriggers Should Work, No?


I was wondering if anyone understood the details of importing? What I mean by that is I have been importing from an excel sheet, right now I just need one column with numbers to import. However I need these numbers, once in the table in FileMaker to be immediately copied over to another table in the same database. I have tried "set variable" and "Set field" on object and layout scripttriggers and it seems to me that when you import it is all one "copy" "paste" montion so if you have a script trigger it won't be trigged because the records arn't being generated one-by-one. Is this correct? 


If so perhaps you might have a suggestion as to how to make essentailly a copy of the imported field - but to a table that is not accessable. Essentially I am trying to have a catalog numbering system for my records that crosses a number of tables. I am doing this using an ID table which pulls the catalog number from one table into the other based on a "lookup" field setting. This of course only works when a field in the ID table matches a field in the other table. It has gotten very confusing having multiple types of ID numbering systems (one for the individual record, one for the record number in the ID table, and then a catalog numbering system that crosses multiple tables) so hopefully this questions is clear enough, but if not please just ask me what needs clarification! 


Many thanks!