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Copying fields from old database to new upgraded database

Question asked by mezzosoprano on Jan 19, 2010
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Copying fields from old database to new upgraded database


Newbie here, but have used FM on a Mac since 2.0!


I have a developer solution (8 databases working as one system) which needs upgrading as it currently runs on FM7 under OS10.4.11 Power PC, and uses an old Troi File plug-in. I'm moving to FM9 or FM10 on the Tiger machine and on a new Snow Leopard machine, and the new OS10.6 compatible Troi plug-in requires some rescripting work, hence the upgrade.


I have extended and added to the original solution considerably, includes new files, fields, scripts, new relationships, the lot. 


The upgrade from the developer, however, comes as a stand-alone replacement, which means I need to find a way to take all my 'extras' that I've added to various databases across into the new upgrade. Two solutions have been suggested:


1. That I can copy and paste the fields from old version straight into the new upgrade, but will need to manually update value lists and relationships, and then just copy and paste my old layouts. Main issue is, can I copy and paste fields like this in FM10 Pro?


2. That I take the old, customised version of the file, strip out all the elemnst that will existin the upgarde, and save the rest (i.e. all my extras) as a new file. I would then simply copy and paste my old layouts in the new upgrade, define a new relationship, and click on each 'old' field name to make it relational (::filename).


As far as I can judge, the advantage of solution 1 is, if it works, it's quick. The advantage of solution 2 is that it is 'future upgrade proof', so long as I add any new fields I want into this extras file.


Any advice much appreciated - apologies for the rather layman terms; a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!