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    Copying fields in two windows



      Copying fields in two windows


      I am using FileMaker 11 Pro. The files that I am working with were converted from FileMaker 5 and some of the scripts did not convert correctly. I have two windows open - Window 1 (inventory) and Window 2 (invoice). How can I copy fields from Window 1 into Window 2? What should the script look like? Once the fields are put into Window 2, I need them to be saved in both windows.


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          can you describe what you are doing in a bit more detail?

          I think you want to copy data shown in window 1 in to fields located in window 2.

          Are these two windows from the same file or different files?

          How did you do this in version 5?

          Most scripts do convert correctly, but sometimes you have to tweak the converted script by adding a select window step in just the right place to control which window has the focus at the time the script, or a part of it, executes.

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            Yes, that is exactly what I am trying to do. The two windows are from different files. I did not setup FileMaker 5, but from what I can tell it was done by scipts. This works fine on the host computer, but the problem occurs on the client computers when they are networked.

            When an invoice (Window 1) is open, I can go to the inventory file (Window 2) by a script. Then we can search the inventory file for the product that is wanted. The fields are needed for that product (from Window 2) can then be added to the invoice (Window 1) by another script. This process works fine on the host, but on the client I can't add the fields from Window 2 to Window 1. FileMaker says "No access".

            I hope that wasn't too confusing and explained it in better detail. Any help is appreciated, this is an important need for our business! Thank you!

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              "no access" indicates that Filemaker security settings are denying access. You may need to review the account and password settings in each file. Passwords were not case sensitive in filemaker 5, but are in 11, so keep that fact in mind when you review the settings in each file. (One of the advantages to filemaker 11 is that you can now merge all these files into a single multi-table file and no longer need to keep accounts and passwords coordinated between the files.)

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                I am logged in as the admin in every window. It actually says "Your access privileges do not allow you to perfom this action."

                I talked to FileMaker Support and they said its because the file was converted and I would have to re-write the script. I just can't figure out how to write the script to get fields copy from window 1 to window 2.

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                  You should not ever get this message if you have all files open with a full access password unless a script is using a custom dialog to display such a message or if the file itself is damaged. I'd double and triple check the accounts and permissions on all files currently open.

                  What script do you have in place now?

                  To post a script to the forum:

                  1. You can upload a screen shot of your script by clicking the edit link to your original message and uploading it there
                  2. You can upload a screen shot to a file share site and post the download link to a new response you post here.
                  3. You can print a script to a PDF, open the PDF and then select and copy the script as text from the opened PDF.
                  4. If You have FileMaker advanced, you can generate a database design report and copy the script as text from there.
                  5. If you paste a text form of the script, you can use the Script Pretty box in the Known Bugs List database to paste a version that is single spaced and indented for a more professional look to your script. (Use the HTML option and paste the text into the HTML editor.)
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                    I am having a similar issue. My issue is that since I have created a Barcode Script, my Update Inventory Button does not work. I have copied and pasted the scripts that I have for Barcode Scanning. I am using the FileMAker Pro Update Inventory script as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


                    Barcode Scanning:

                    Open URL

                    "icody://scan?callback=fmp7script%3A//%24/" & Get ( FileName ) & "%3Fscript%3Dscan%26param%3D%23%23%23barcode%23%23%23"

                    Return Scan

                    Set Field Get ( ScriptParameter )


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                      Sorry, but this doesn't sound at all like the same issue to me.

                      It's much simpler to use keyboard emulation (almost all scanners are capable of this) and then you can process the scanned data totally in Filemaker without relying on third party software. Most all scanners can be configured to precede the scanned data with a specific combinations of characters that can be detected in FileMaker 10 and 11 through use of the OnLayoutKeystroke Script Trigger--which performs a simple script intended to put the cursor in the correct text field so that the scanned data automatically appears in it.

                      If you can append a tab, enter or return character on the end of your scanned text, you can then set up OnObjectExit on this text field to process the scanned data. (Barcodes scan data into the system as text, so once you get the text into a data field, you can process it just as though it were typed in--which has the added benefit that users can type data in off the barcode label if the scanner breaks or the barcode label is damaged and the scanner refuses to scan it...

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                        I believe that is where my issue lies, I am not using a keyboard attached scanner, I am using my Iphone/Ipad's camera to take a picture of the barcode and then enter that barcode into the Product ID which is where I believe the Update Inventory script is also referencing. I already have another field where a user can manually select from a list of inventory in case a they are not able to scan the barcode. Sorry for the confusion. 

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                          I am using my Iphone/Ipad's camera to take a picture of the barcode and then enter that barcode into the Product ID

                          I recommend posting your question in the FM Go forum (see tab at top of this screen) where you can find threads where others have set up systems that use a barcode scanner with their iOS device. The picture of your barcode is just a bitmapped image of the barcode so you cannot use it to look up data in your inventory unless you are using some 3rd party software that converts the bit mapped image into text.

                          That could be what your Open URL step is doing, but there is now way for me to tell from this side of the computer screen.Wink

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                            Thanks for your help. The problem was that there were files that I didn't realize weren't open or signed in correctly.

                            Now I have to open each file individually and sign in when an account & password. This becomes a lengthy process, especially when opening on the client computers. I need all the files opened all day. Is there any way to shorter this process?

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                              I gather these are different Filemaker files?

                              You can merge multiple FileMaker files into a single file.

                              Or, if you define the same account name and password in each file, you can open one file with that account name and password and then the other  files can be opened without having to enter the account name and password for each file.

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                                Yes, they are different FileMaker files. Which one is better to use and how do I do it? (Sorry, I'm still learning FileMaker) There is 3 different account names & passwords - they all have access to every file, but have different privileges.


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                                  There's no simple answer to which is best. For people new to FileMaker, a single file with all tables and layouts in it is simplest to set up and it completely avoids the issue of having to manage security accounts in each of the separate files. However, there can be very good reasons for not using this approach, the work needed to merge the separate files into a unified file not the least of these reasons.

                                  If you have exactly the same account names and passwords defined in each file, you shouldn't have to enter the account name and password more than once. If you are, then perhaps a password in one file is not exactly the same (including what letters are capitalized) as that defined in the others.