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    Copying Filemaker Pro to external hard drive



      Copying Filemaker Pro to external hard drive


      I've been using the Filemaker Pro software I purchased years ago (6.0v4) and never saw a reason to upgrade - it's on my Mac using OS X (10.4.11).  Recently, I bought a new external hard drive (Seagate FreeAgent) and copied my Filemaker database to it and then Filemaker so it could read it.  When I tried to access the database from my external hard drive I get an error message that it cannot be read as it was created by a different version than the one I have.  That makes no sense to me.  

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          I think it was a mistake to copy the Filemaker application over to the external drive. If your database file is on an external drive there's no reason the application won't read it from your system drive. Just copying the application is not enough as most programs install support files in places you may not know (so you wouldn't have copied those). Reinstall it back where it was and you'll probably be fine.