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Copying from a template to ...

Question asked by DanParadis on Sep 13, 2010
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Copying from a template to ...


Ok, let's see if I can explain this:

I have two system tables:  Task_Template -->  Task_Template_Detail

These tables may be copied to: Event --> Event_Tasks

The attached script shows the respective Task_Template being found based on the type of Event.

So far the script works great.  It finds the correct Task_Template and gets the Task_Template_Details records for that Event.

Here's what I need to do:

Check to see if there are already Event_Tasks records for the Task_Template

if there are:

Check with the user to see if we should delete the old and copy in the new (or overlay the old with the new).

Forgetting all that for now:

Once within the loop what is the best way to create the new Event_Tasks records based on the defaults from Task_Template_Detail records.  It seems if I create new rec's I lose the scope of the Task_Template_Detail records. 

Can someone point me to an example on how something like this could be done?

Once again: WOW... I programmed in other languages before (and as much as Filemaker makes other tasks simple) reading records is ridiculous!  Why can't it be simple to Read, Update, Create records without having to worry about losing the scope of the records you just read! 

What am I missing?