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    Copying in list



      Copying in list


           Hi there, I'm having trouble copying text in list mode.

           In Excel, you can click and hold the bottom right corner of a cell and drag it down to perform a mass copy.  I can't seem to do that in FileMaker Pro.

           Any thoughts?



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               OK, well firstly Filemaker Pro isn't Excel ! very different application

               what exactly are you copying and why ? if it's the same exact data you want in a particular field in every record, then use a global field and populate it once only

               It is possible to do simultaneous updates to a particular field in all records but it sounds like you're not quite meaning that and that process is not undoable so could be risky





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                 Thanks Symbister, yes I'm learning slowly but surely that FileMaker most definitely isn't Excel.  I'm trying to build a database if products with their descriptions, codes, prices etc.  Sometimes several products in a row will be of the same category for example, and I'd like to copy the cell several times, but not the entire field.  It's little things like this that I wouldn't mind improving in efficiency.

                 Also, I must be missing something here.  I'm unable to undo, and am unable to insert records in the middle of lists.




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                   Hi Scott - FMP is vastly different from Excel - exactly as a CAD application is from Word - you can draw in both applications but one is designed for drafting and the other is designed for word-processing, so Excel is great for crunching numbers and can be used for lists, databases, but FMP allows far greater manipulation of your data, with relational tables, form-based data entry etc. etc. Anything that you do in Excel (almost) can be done in FMP but with a much greater degree of control of user interface.

                   I think you have to take a wee step back and plan what it is you are doing and what outcome you want - are you gathering a database of products to then set up an invoicing system, or for inventory control?

                   There are a number of starter solutions in FMP that may serve your needs without reinventing the wheel. Although it sounds like you are working with somebody else's db?

                   Data in FM is stored in tables, and displayed/edited on layouts which may be viewed as Form; List or Table and will be sorted in an order that may be specified in a start up script for example - so I suggest that you take a moment or two to familiarise youself with existing solutions, how fields are created, how tables can inter-relate, how layouts can display your data.

                   The fact that you can't appear to be able to insert a record in the middle of a list is a factor of that list being sorted - perhaps by date, by product ID or whatever - so that when you add a new record it will appear in the only place that FM can logically put it - at the end, until the set of records are again sorted.