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Copying Layout into another database issue

Question asked by unitedbiologicsmattg on Jan 27, 2012
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Copying Layout into another database issue


So I just combined two databases using This guide and, after some persistance and trouble shooting, got everything working except for one thing. The database is of Inventory parts and Purchase Orders (Started out as two databases because FMP wouldn't let me/I couldn't figure out how to use 2 different starter solutions without creating 2 separate databses), and it is pretty much just slight modifications to the starter solutions. Although, when trying to transfer over the "printable" PO form (called the "Purchase Order" layout in the starter solution), I can't get the form to distinguish between separate purchase orders. It is combining all the line items from all the purchase orders when I switch to that layout. 


In both databases the "record detail" layout looks like this and seems to function flawlessly after the merge (except that all the line items on the old PO's didn't transfer, but that isn't that big of a deal and doesn't seem fixable). Note that this single PO lists these 8 items:



Here is what the printable form (titled "Purchase Order" in the template) looks like in the original database. Notice how only the 8 line items from this specific PO are listed even though there are 140 total line items throughout all the records PO's. 

Here is what happens when I switch to this layout in the merged database when looking at the first PO I screenshotted at the top (which had 8 items). 

7003A21 is from 1 vendor and PO, while all the other parts from another Vendor and PO, and when I click on items from 1 PO all the header stuff changes to match from that PO. And then when I click on the records up top it shows a totally different record for the 8th line of PO 1706 which doesn't make any sense. 


I have spent hours trying to figure this out and I'm pretty sure whatever is causing it is just beyond my knowledge of the program (although I'm sure it's probably an easy fix for you guru's out there). The guide was followed strictly and everything other than this seems to have worked fine. I looked up and down every aspect of the layout and line items that I am aware of, and everything looks identical between the two databases. If you guys have any suggestions anything would be appreciated. Thanks!