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    Copying layouts between FileMaker files



      Copying layouts between FileMaker files



      I have a live version of my FileMaker database file, which sits on a server, and I have a developer version which I'm working on. The plan is to migrate the data from live to developer when it's time to deploy a new version, and then just replace the file on the server with a new one.

      But sometimes a situation arises when I have to urgently modify the live version, as there is no time for any deployment shenanigans, or my developer version is not exactly stable at the moment. The problem is, when the new version is deployed, the changes I made to the live version will be lost. So I have to make the same changes to my developer version as well, which is obviously a waste of time. Is there a way to copy a layout in one FileMaker file, and paste it into another one?

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          You can enter layout mode, select all objects on it. Copy to clipboard, then change to the other file, enter layout mode and paste all the copied objects.

          But you have to pay attention to several key details:

          The same layout parts with the same sizes should be present on both layouts. You can use the Height box on the inspector's position tab to adjust the height of a part. Just click the part label and then enter the new height. You can click the units next to the postion/size boxes to cycle them until you get pixels (v11) or pts ( v12 ).

          When you select all objects, note the top and left boxes on the position tab. When you paste, adjust the numbers in these boxes on the new layout to match those you saw when you copied them to position the entire set of pasted objects precisely on the new layout.

          The Target layout's table occurrence specified in "Show Records From" in Layout Setup... must have exactly the same name. Any field objects pasted must refer to fields and table occurrences by exactly matching names.

          Any scripts that are performed by buttons on your layout must already exist in your target file.

          The same is true for any value lists referenced by field objects in your pasted layout.

          Sometimes you have to paste twice: Paste once to get all layout objects on the layout, then import a new script that is performed by a button or trigger on the layout (so references to items on layout inside script aren't broken during layout), Then Delete the pasted objects and paste again (so pasted buttons/triggers that refer to new script aren't broken).

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