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    Copying layouts into existing files



      Copying layouts into existing files



      I am very new to Filemaker. I have managed to import a file from Microsoft Access via MS Excel. And also to create a layout for the records. I have bought Filemaker Go and very much like the design and layout of the Sample Inventory for the iPhone. I have downloaded it onto my desktop. How can I use the layout in my original database? Obviously I would have to change the fields to the same as my database.

      Sorry to ask what I am sure is a very basic question. But I have been trying all morning to work it out!

      Thanks in anticipation

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          First check your layout over for any buttons that perform scripts. If there are any these buttons will not work unless you also import the scripts they perform into your database. Import the scripts first and examine/edit them as need to fix any errors.

          Then you can enter layout mode on the source layout and use the inspector to note the height of each layout part (click the label for each part and check the position tab in the Inspector.) Then switch to your new file create the same layout parts and use the inspector to give them exactly the same height. (You can click the units to the right of the position/size boxes until you get pixels to make this easier to do.)

          Now copy all objects on your source layout. Use the inspector to note the top and left position. Switch files, and paste the layout. While all the pasted layout objects are still selected, use the top and left postition boxes to adjust the postion of all your pasted objects to match the numbers shown in the original layout.

          Now you'll need to double click every field and every portal to update them to refer to fields and table occurrences in your file. If you first name the layout's table occurrence exactly the same name as the original file, name all your fields to match and define matching table occurrences for every portal, most, if not all of these references will not need to be corrected. You can then change table occurrence and field names back to other names after pasting if you want.

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            Thank you so much. I've nearly got it looking as good as the sample, just need a bit more work.