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Copying multiple fields from one record to another (different database)

Question asked by galumay on Dec 2, 2009
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Copying multiple fields from one record to another (different database)


Hi, I am having an issue trying to simplify a clients data entry in their databases. We are running FileMaker Pro Advanced 10, basically the databases belong to an Art's Center and there is an Artwork database that has each item of art added when it is purchased by the centre, there is also an Artist database with all the artists details included. 


As well as an archiving tool, when an artwork is sold the buyer is printed a copy of the Artwork record and a copy of the Artist record.


Currently there are about 5,500 Artwork records and 500 Artist records.


What I want to be able to do is when the staff create a new Artwork record they can transfer the existing fields for the Artist from the record in the Artist Database into the new record.

The fields we want to transfer are just simple details such as Artist name, Alternative Name, D.O.B., Homeland, Moeity, Clan.


I hope that is clear enough for you FM experts to be able to assist me solve the problem!


Cheers, Rick