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    copying records



      copying records


      Hi can anyone help me with this one


      I'm using filemakerpro 10 advanced


      What I'm having problems with is this I want to copy one field in to another database all files are indexed and are in lookup mode but i want this one field to automate this process so when I go from the master database to the sub database I create a new record and then want that one field to auto fill in the sub database and copy all required data in to the sub database



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          Does this example match what you want?


          You have a customer table with name, address and other contact fields.

          You have a related Invoices table that needs to show customer name and other data from the customer table.

          When you select a customer from a drop down menu, you want data from certain fields in the customer table to automatically appear on your invoice.


          There are two basic methods for this, the correct method depends on your database and how people will use it.


          Method 1:

          Simply place the fields from the Customers table on your invoice layout. If your two tables are linked by a customer ID number, entering or selecting a customer ID number in the Invoice table's Customer ID field will cause the data from the customer fields to automatically display the data for that selected customer.


          Method 2:

          Define matching fields in your related table and use the Looked up Value auto-enter field option to physically copy data from the other table.


          Method 1 is the best choice if you want updates to your customer table to automatically appear on your invoices layout. For customer contact info, this is usually the best approach. Mehtod 2 is the best choice if you don't want a change to data in the first table to appear in existing records in the second table as changes made to the first table will only appear in the second in any new records created in it after the change. This is useful for cases such as when you want current pricing data to be copied from a price list table and don't want a price change to modify the prices recorded on past invoices.

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            I have tried most of the option but for some reason they won't work perhaps its because the data is then brought back as a portal into the master database for audit reasons


            I'll try anything this is the last part of the database and its doing my head in

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              clarky wrote:


              I have tried most of the option but for some reason they won't work perhaps its because the data is then brought back as a portal into the master database for audit reasons


              You'll need to explain that in much more detail. The presence or absence of a portal won't affect either method. Both methods DO require that a valid relationship exist between the two tables.

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                hi the master database is where all records are found but to stop people from editing them so i designed the sub database. when they update the record the have to go to the sub database but when they do the record wont copy, but when i type in the id number it works, but i have to type it in, it wont copy or paste into the field upon opening the sub data base all records are linked and and the id is indexed



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                  The methods I described don't actually copy any records, they either display data from a related table or copy data from selected fields. I wouldn't try copying entire records for what you describe. I'd use Accounts and Privilege Sets to control who can edit a record and under what circumstances.


                  Here's a good thread on how to do this: