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Copying records

Question asked by MichaelPoling on Apr 1, 2014
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Copying records


     So if I now have a functional working database, and I want to use it on two different locations, which are not connected via network, nor internet, can I send individual records from one file to another ?

     I tried exporting, but it only exported the current table record, not all the related table records.  Is there a method of exporting just a single record but having all the related table data associated with that record be exported as well?  

     Or is there a method of "syncing" the databases other than to have them on Webdirect or something?

     The other reason I wanted to do this is that I will likely edit the database at some point, tweaking here and there.  But I may not want to be onsite when I do it, and I would need a method of getting the records from the old file to the new without any mix-ups.

     What is the most reliable method of this?