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copying records from one table to another

Question asked by JCPython on Jun 25, 2012
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copying records from one table to another


what would be the best way to copy a record from a table to another table that is basically the exact same, i have records that can be set to active and inactive, once they are set to inactive i would like the records to disapear off to another table and if set to active then they would be copied back.. my reason fro this need is that currently i have a script that when a button "Show all" is clicked that it ask the user if they want t show all records, active records or inactive records, however there are also buttons to show all males and all females, but this includes this inactive records when showing just the females or males... i dont know if there is a better way to filter the showing results but all i really need to do is have things work like this...


when a user makes a record inactive that record is exiled out of sight out of mind until i open a layout where all the inactive records are stored and only will they begin to show in my foundsets is when they are reactivated... this feels like it should be eay to achive but i just get so confused with all the search/find features that are available.