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    Copying selected records.



      Copying selected records.


      How do I select and copy a group of about 100 records?  This has been a no-brainer on other DB software I have used, but I can't seem to find out how to do it -- what am I missing?

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          pfh wrote:
          How do I select and copy a group of about 100 records?

          To do what with the selected record ?


          To export them ?

          To duplicate them ?


          After a find, you'll have a found set of records that can be exported or duplicated.

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            There is a script step under 'Records' that is 'Copy all records'.  You can include that as a shortcut in the scripts menu, or a button, as usual.  Then just go to your destination and paste.


            It also works (on PC) as Control-shift-c.


            Note that you can do whatever you want with the layout order, tab order, etc on the screen - they will always copy in the field creation order.