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Copying Tables, Copying Fields in FMPRO 11

Question asked by Nikki59 on Jun 21, 2011
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Copying Tables, Copying Fields in FMPRO 11


Gosh I'm sure hoping I'm missing something with my new Filemaker Software....

I can't seem to copy fields in a table and paste them back in the same table.  Would like to copy an "address1" then paste to make an "address2" with the only mod being the '2'. Would also like to duplicate entire tables.

I was horrified to read somewhere maybe this cannot be done in FM Pro but only FM Pro Advanced ?!?  Surely this cannot be !

As I understand it now, the work required to create three buttons in a table layout would require hand-building the entire list of fields two more times just to change one letter or number in each field name.  That could take hours, and possibly generate lots of buggy errors.

I read the 'comparisons' page between FMPRO and FMPRO ADV this was as close as it came regarding the issue:

Build or modify databases faster by importing multiple tables at once.   Not really on point. Such a glaring feature difference must be listed.

I'm so unfamiliar with Filemaker 11 from previous versions that included this.  Please say it isn't so !