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Copying text also copies hidden formatting. How to stop this?

Question asked by JamesFreudenburg on Nov 28, 2014
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Copying text also copies hidden formatting. How to stop this?


I feel like a newb, but have been using FileMaker since version 5 or so. I was happy with Filemaker Pro 11, but suddenly my new Macbook Air would not work with 11.  I only use Filemaker for one thing, keeping a recipe database that goes back many years.

I usually will find a recipe online, and use copy and paste to created a new record in my recipe database.  I know using Filemker is WAY overkill, but it works well and I hate to change.

Used to work fine. The exact text would copy to the new recipe file. I would usually have to select "Remove Formatting" to get rid of some funky text formats, but no biggie.

But NOW, when I paste some text (this from the NY Times Recipe section) I get all their hidden formatting, such as:



Espresso, Simple Syrup

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All the stuff with the slash in front of it has to be selected and deleted. It is not visible, of course, in the original recipe article.  Takes time and I never had to do it before. Is there some way to tell the copy and paste function to just copy the visible text, not the invisible formatting?