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    Copying text between text field fails?



      Copying text between text field fails?


           Hi all,

           I have a "clean up" script that corrects a couple of text fields. The scripts is really simple, it copies the first field and then paste it and replacing the text in a couple of other fields. Why I have this is not important here. The thing that bugs me to madness is that once in a while the script won't paste the copied information in all the target fields.

           It is as if the pasting, or some times even the copy command want take. And the pasting fails to fininsh all the fields.

           When I insert a pause script command in between all the seperate lines in the script it works fine. So the wild guess/conclusion I have is that it is the hardvware on my computer that messes things up.

           Anyone have a guess or similar problem with a solution at hand, please?