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Copying text from a field in Kiosk Mode

Question asked by karenarvin on Mar 17, 2015
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Copying text from a field in Kiosk Mode


I am new to Filemaker and am setting up a solution that lets my employees use my database in a strictly controlled kiosk environment.  They are able to access, view, edit and create records in a number of related tables by using scripts and buttons that I created.  They do not have access to any menus, but I need them to be able to copy text from a field in one of my layouts in order to paste that text into another (non-filemaker) application.  Ctrl-C doesn't work; it removes the text and replaces it with a small, backwards "L" symbol.  How can I get this to allow users to copy from a kiosk field?  I have tried manipulating the security settings for the privilege set, but nothing works.  Thanks for any help.