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    Copying text from a field in Kiosk Mode



      Copying text from a field in Kiosk Mode


      I am new to Filemaker and am setting up a solution that lets my employees use my database in a strictly controlled kiosk environment.  They are able to access, view, edit and create records in a number of related tables by using scripts and buttons that I created.  They do not have access to any menus, but I need them to be able to copy text from a field in one of my layouts in order to paste that text into another (non-filemaker) application.  Ctrl-C doesn't work; it removes the text and replaces it with a small, backwards "L" symbol.  How can I get this to allow users to copy from a kiosk field?  I have tried manipulating the security settings for the privilege set, but nothing works.  Thanks for any help.

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          You could place a button next to the field that copies the text. You could use OnObjectKeystroke to perform a script each time a key is pressed while the cursor is in that field. This script could use Get ( TriggerModifyKeys ) to detect that a modifier key such as the control key is down so if Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) returns "c" and Get ( TriggerModifyKeys ) returns 4, ctrl C has been pressed and you can use the copy script step to copy this data to the clipboard.

          And you might find it easier to not use Kiosk mode. You can use custom menus (FileMaker Advanced) and manage security to lock a FileMaker solution down pretty tight without going all the way and using Kiosk mode.