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Core2 CMR and MoneyWorks

Question asked by curtycurt01 on Apr 1, 2009
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Core2 CMR and MoneyWorks


I did a search and found nothing on the 2 programs. I'd like to know if anyone is using both programs with FM? If so, did or how are you getting them to work together. I'm not  programmar on that level (let's say I'm at level 0). I have the plug-in to make FM and MW work together, but C2 uses Quickbooks (which is a Mac no no for accounting programs). Any help would be great. Or if someone knows how to get them to work together that would be of great help.


Alternately, If someon know of a CRM solution that doesn't cost an arm and leg that works with MW, that would be great. I searched for 3 days to find a FM accounting solution to no avail. The only ones out there are for large corps (the ones that I found). I have MYOB but that doesn't seem to intergrate with FM. Someone told me of a compu book site that had a plug in, but I didn't find the site (URL didn't work).


I know I want to use FM but I need an accounting solution and a CRM.