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Label layout related issue in FMP v8.0 Advanced

Question asked by StuckAgain on Jan 4, 2013
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Label layout related issue in FMP v8.0 Advanced


     Several years ago a Tech Guru at FMP HQ helped resolve some issues for a label layout & printing issue.  Unfortunately, telephone support is no longer available for FMP v8.0 Advanced.  There was also a special "Counter" field (hidden) that was set up to make things work correctly.

     I hadn't used FMP for labels in several years, but found am now in need to do over a thousand labels, and made some simple mods to also print on a different size label. 

     In a nutshell, the labels is for Ham Radio contact information to go on the back of postcards, and the data for the labels is sorted by individual Callsign since some labels contain multiple contacts so only one label per callsign is printed.

     This time I will be importing only 7 short fields of data from a .csv file instead of from a different file format with various Calculation formulas needed, and get the data OK, but in Preview Mode some of the column (field) data is missing for multiple contact entries tied to the main Callsign field.

     Attached is a screenshot showing (in this example) of the top part of the label how some data is missing - in this case from the Mhz column and the Special Note column (but the data is in the .csv file fileds imported).

     Hopefully someone experienced can look at the actual .fp7  and the small .csv file.  I'm hoping to get the current issues resolved for an immediate need, and to be able to use FMP with other similar .csv files in the future without problems .

     Thanks very much for any assistance!


     Stuck Again