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Label Printing

Question asked by jhires on Oct 7, 2009
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Label Printing



In one of my FileMaker 8.5 databases, I print 4 x 6 labels using a Zebra 2844 label printer. I have had no problem with it, until recently. My old label printer has been replaced with a Zebra ZP 450, and now when I am on the Print Preview mode, the page size is much larger than my labels. Everything below the bottom of the physical label is getting cut off, not going to the next label like it is supposed to (like it used to). I've been in Print Setup a hundred times, changed label sizes, etc. with no success.

I also think it is strange that with any other printer, I can see the grayed out areas on the sides showing the print margins, and with this new label printer, that does not happen.


Using FileMaker 8.5v2 on Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003.