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    Label Printing Problem



      Label Printing Problem


           Have a client that has been successfully printing sheets of Avery 5160 labels (labels are 1 inch high and three across the page).  All of a sudden the vertical alignment  got screwed up.  As far as I know the client didn't edit anything on the label layout and in fact never edits any layout.  I went into his system and the label layout seemed fine.  After fooling around a while I had the thought that even though the layout looked fine, maybe it got corrupted in some way, so I created a new label layout with all the same spacing parameters as the original and it worked fine, with one difference - I could no longer use New Times Roman with font size of 11.  I had to drop down to a font size of 8.  The labels have space for 5 lines of text, and the original layout would just fit in the 11 size font, but the new layout won't and shows clipping of the field name while I am in edit mode (the original, identical layout shows no clipping of the field names with a font size of 11).

           When I print labels with the new layout, spacing is fine but the printed characters are of course much smaller with a lot of white space between lines as compared to the original layout.

           Any ideas about what might be going on will be greatly appreciated. 

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               OS version?  FMP version?  Any thing done recently - OS upgrade, New Application installed, etc?

               Fonts can become corrupt or replaced wtih an older version,

               Font Caches can be corrupted and require deletion.

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                 Running FMP Advanced 12.0v4.  Their data base is hosted by Point In Space and they are using Windows 7 machines.  Nothing done recently on their machines or my Windows 7 machine.

                 Could the problem be at the hosting site or is that highly unlikely?

                 Also, would appreciate hearing from anyone what the largest font size they have gotten to work on one inch tall labels with 5 lines of text on them.

                 Just went back and pulled a backup copy of the database from 90 days ago and can use the 11 font size with no problem with that copy.  So with the current version of the database running on my machine (not the remote host) and the backup from 90 days ago running on my machine, one works with the 11 size font and one won't work with any font larger than 8.  Seems to me this probably eliminates system environment problems and points to something inside the database itself that is causing the problem.

                 What could possibly have changed about the database that would cause this?