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Label Printing Problem

Question asked by Conrad on Feb 17, 2014
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Label Printing Problem


     Have a client that has been successfully printing sheets of Avery 5160 labels (labels are 1 inch high and three across the page).  All of a sudden the vertical alignment  got screwed up.  As far as I know the client didn't edit anything on the label layout and in fact never edits any layout.  I went into his system and the label layout seemed fine.  After fooling around a while I had the thought that even though the layout looked fine, maybe it got corrupted in some way, so I created a new label layout with all the same spacing parameters as the original and it worked fine, with one difference - I could no longer use New Times Roman with font size of 11.  I had to drop down to a font size of 8.  The labels have space for 5 lines of text, and the original layout would just fit in the 11 size font, but the new layout won't and shows clipping of the field name while I am in edit mode (the original, identical layout shows no clipping of the field names with a font size of 11).

     When I print labels with the new layout, spacing is fine but the printed characters are of course much smaller with a lot of white space between lines as compared to the original layout.

     Any ideas about what might be going on will be greatly appreciated.