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    label script



      label script


           Hi guys, I tell you immediately my problem. I have a drop down menu and I want to change the label to display with a script. How can I do? sad

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               From what I can gather you want the text next to your dropdown list to change depending on some conditions of that record, is that right?

               I can't see why you'd want too, but...

               You could use a calculated field that changes text to what you want by using If or Case statements; and then make it look like a label, using the Inspector, turning off the Fill and Line colours, and disabling field entry in Browse and Find mode.

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                 You can also use the value selected from this value list to select which record in a related table is used to display data in one or more fields, or even from multiple related records via a portal.

                 Thus, if these guesses on our part haven't answered your question, you'll need to explain what you want in more detail.